Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Life As The Wife Of A Missionary

The two people that read this are probably thinking you are a missionary too, Amy and I do know this. However my "role" is on my mind tonight because it is after eight and I am sitting at home alone. Well my sweet boy is up stairs sleeping, of course. No I am not having a pity party, but I do miss my honey as I always do when we are apart. He is in Mexico building a women and her two small children a home today. I know my husband has no idea just how proud I am of him. He looks forward to building in Mexico. It is a reminder of why our family does what we do and why we serve him and live in this weird city. We can't wait until our little man gets older so we can all be together giving homes to families. Since I have become a mother I have not been able to actually do the physical labor that I did pre-baby and build a family a home. Taking Jonas over to Mexico for any thing other than the dedication of the home is not so much an option at his age. I miss Mexico and serving beside Jason that is for sure, but I also love my role as a wife and now a mother and I would not change a thing. Jonas and I were able to run some errands in Juarez with Jason this morning. It was good for me to see the neighborhoods and the extreme inadequate housing that so many people live in. The reminder is what I needed. As Jonas grows up Jason and I look forward to teaching him why we live in this weird city away from our family. We look forward to teaching him to serve God with his hands. I can't wait to see my two guys working side by side. Jason and I pray for Jonas every night and every night we pray the same thing :that he will love Jesus all the days of his life, but most importantly learn to be a servant for Him all the days of his life.


Janette said...

First of all...great picture! Second of all...love what you said!

Laura said...

Oh Amy, I miss you, living over there in that "weird city." :) But you guys are doing amazing work. We are proud of you!

Donna said...

Amy, you have no idea how proud I (your mom) am of you. And Jason, too. As I read this post, I couldn't help but tear up. You are as much the missionary as Jason. You are his biggest supporter and your love for him shows always. I love you both and our little guy, Jonas, too.