Friday, October 30, 2009

Lack Of Pumpkins & A Christmas Gift Already

My parents visited us recently and bought Jonas his Christmas gift. The battery operated 4 wheeler doesn't go very fast, so it doesn't freak me out to much, but I still think we should purchase a helmet. Jonas has had a really good time riding the 4 wheeler. It was so funny at first because he was not so confident with his riding abilities, but Jonas enjoyed all the attention from my parents.

Yesterday I took Jonas to a pumpkin patch. However, there was a small problem because there was a lack of pumpkins. I guess I should have taken him before the last Thursday before Halloween. Really I just wanted to get some pictures of my little man. It was so cold and so windy , but Jonas loved playing with the pumpkins and did not want to go home unlike his mother.

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Abby said...

love the one of jonas and your dad!