Thursday, May 28, 2009

15 1/2 months

As you can see in the third picture from the top Jonas now has two and a half teeth. Jason and I took Jonas to his fifteenth month check-up last week. Jonas took a big growth spurt in height, but only gained one and half pounds. We were very surprised when Jonas was weighed because the kid is a eating machine. I mean really he will eat more than me at meal time and we don't know where he is packing it away.
Lately, Jonas loves reading books, especially with his dad. His favorite are the ones with flaps lift that he lifts up. Jason had been busy at work as always and I have been enjoying staying at home with my little man. Life is good and as always we are so blessed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer Is Here

Jonas has enjoyed swimming with Eden his cousin/friend over the past two weeks. It is already in the high 90's in El Paso and I really want to get in that baby pool with them. Jonas is officially walking, so we have many more activities to choose from now. Jason and I are looking forward to a relaxing summer with our little man.