Monday, February 9, 2009

Our First Chuckie Cheese Experience

We were invited to a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese last Friday. Jonas enjoyed the rides and he even got quite upset when we had to take him off the Barney ride. The whole experience really grossed me out because right when we walked in the smell of dirty sweaty children mixed with the aroma of pee hit us. Also I was thinking the whole time if they ever really sanitized the rides. Probably not, I know I am a germ freak, but I am kind of working on it for the sake of my marriage (my fear of germs really gets on Jason's nerves).
All is great in El Paso and the weather has been in the 80's. Our board approved a expansion to Del Rio/Acuna, so we are really excited to see Casas serve in the future at other border towns.


Laura said...

So you are not going to have Jonas' birthday party at chuckie cheese? I hope you are at least going to order the kid an extra cheese and pepperoni pizza.

Casie said...

What are you doing for his birthday? I've already wrapped his present. I'm sending it with mom and dad.