Thursday, October 30, 2008

5 Days To Election Day

As usual we voted together as a family. Jason and I normally vote early in the morning the day of the election and then go get a chicken biscuit. This election we decided it would be easier to vote early. We were in and out in less than ten minutes because no one really votes in El Paso. Jonas has now been to the polls twice in his 8 1/2 months of life. He was only a few weeks old when the primaries took place and our nominee didn't win then and we don't think our candidate will be elected this time around either.

I just took this picture a few days ago. Jason and I can't believe how big Jonas is getting. It is crazy to think that in two weeks our little guy will be 9 months old. He has only been crawling for a few weeks now, but he has learned quickly to to get around really fast. The days are long gone when I could put Jonas on the floor and he would stay in one place.

Aunt Allison visited us (well, really Jonas) the weekend before last. She was only here two nights, but she was able to spend a lot of time with Jonas.


Cláudia Silva e Cunha said...

Thats a cuuuute cute baby!!!

I hope you voted right and the next US president do some good things for his future! :)


Linds said...

Jonas is getting so big! I kept Lauren's boys today..her youngest is a little older than Jonas. You can't keep up with him once you put him down! Just wait until the walking starts! :)
I don't think my two even walked..they just started running! LOL.