Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Visit From The Grandparents

We have had my parents visit and then Jason's parents visit us in the past month. Jonas entertained them and he also loved the attention. Our parents enjoyed the visit as well and we were able to show them our new home, which we have been living in over a month. Jason and I are glad our parents visited because Jonas is growing up so fast and we want him to know he has grandparents that love him. It is sad at times because we live so far away from family, but we know God has placed our family here to serve Him and we hope to teach Jonas this as he gets older.


Linds said...

he must definitely know what a camera is...he's always smiling for a picture! does he ever fuss for you? he always seems so happy! i'm glad you had a good visit with the family.

Casie said...

Time for new pictures.