Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Season Like No Other

It is summer time on the mission field and people are going all over the world to serve. The ministry that I work for, Casas Por Cristo, is right at the beginning of the most impactful season of every year. Needless to say that once our ministry set the course to be debt free, expand to other border towns, and basically to set a new path like no other Murphy (Murphy's law) has shown up and is trying to move in the spare bedroom. As every media outlet has reported the Drug Cartels are in the middle of a territory war that is bringing more fear than at any time in our ministries history.

The last month has been stressful for our leadership since we have had 10% (20 homes) of our homes scheduled to be built this summer end up being canceled because of teams fearing for their safety. Unfortunately, a thirty second news clip can slant the real story and cause fear to set in to other. When if the real story was reported it would be another story. For example, almost all violence has happened in the night and we are not out at night, almost all violence has happened in the wealthy area and downtown and we do not build or drive through those areas, all violence has been targeted between rival cartels and corrupt police and of course Christians are hopefully not one of those two, all violence has been happening on the weekend and we are only building during the week.

The definite call is to pray for our city and pray for our ministry. Fear is the tactic that has been an arrow in the quiver of evil for thousands of years. But we are not called to have a spirit of fear and I hope that in the face of adversity believers will stand up and want to serve a God who is still trying to connect with those who do not know him!


Sue said...

We will put you on our church and Sunday school prayer list. We commend you for the work you do and your service to the Lord. We love both you and Amy and are proud of what you do.

Josh said...

Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Be careful down there-- latest intel indicates that the cartels may be about to have at the cops and authorities on the U.S. side.. they are getting bolder and bolder and I would not assume civilians will be ignored; prayer has always been a good idea and appears to be becoming a better and better one.