Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Trip to Grandma & Grandpa's House

It was an exciting weekend as we started on our first plane ride togther as a family. Then our first trip to Georgia as a family, with many more to follow I am sure. Then first trip to the Harbin Grandparents house, with many more to follow as well. Oh yea and I think we left his schedule in Texas because with all the running around nothing seems to work like it is supposed. But one good thing is that the last 3 nights have been at least 6.5 hours of solid sleep. Amy is loving every minute of it to.

I think he is smiling because of Grandpa's shirt (Casas Por Cristo t-shirt)!
There he is laying on his dad's big belly his first plane ride.
Grandmomma is showing him all the green trees that he has never seen before.

This is his first time with his Great Grandmother.


Abby said...

jonas come home! we miss you!

Sue said...

He is a beautiful baby.